Iconography by the hand of
Mark Schaefering

In the year 730 the Byzantine Emperor Leo III banned the veneration of icons in the Orthodox World.  In 787, the 7th Ecumenical Council was convened by the Empress Irene which declared that the veneration of icons was acceptable.  Despite an ecumenical council, the controversy continued until the year 843 when it was settled by St. Theodora who, having become regent over her young son the emperor, settled the matter for good.  In the Orthodox Church we commemorate this event on the 1st Sunday of Lent calling it the Triumph of Orthodoxy.    I chose the name Theodora for my icons studio because of her love of the image of Christ our Savior.

My name is Mark Schaefering.  I am an iconographer in St. Louis, Missouri, and I want to welcome you to my website.  I paint icons and also teach classes in the St. Louis area, teaching those who want to learn the tradition of Byzantine Iconography. Please return often as the gallery will be updated as I complete new icons.